Camera Review – Sony a6000

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First up in my review series is the Sony a6000.

Before we begin, I’d like to mention that all the cameras in my reviews I’ve actually owned and shot with at LEAST 10k+ frames of a variety of subject matter.

Sony a6000 key features

  • 24.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Bionz X image processor
  • Hybrid AF system with 25 contrast-detect and 179 phase-detect points
  • Built-in flash + Multi-Interface Shoe
  • 11 fps continuous shooting with subject-tracking
  • 3-inch tilting LCD with 921,600 dots
  • OLED electronic viewfinder with 1.44M dots
  • Diffraction correction, area-specific noise reduction, and detail reproduction technology
  • Full HD video recording at 1080/60p and 24p; clean HDMI output
  • Wi-Fi with NFC capability and downloadable apps


My favorite aspect of the a6000 is the innovation packed into such a small package. Image quality is truly on par with any APSC DSLR on the market.

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Image Quality

Image quality is truly amazing in combination with a good lens. Personally, I used mostly Sony FE glass for the Sony A7 which turns the focal length into 1.5 crop mode. Basically, its like adding a 1.5x teleconverter on a FE lens. It is really useful for a lens such as the excellent Sony FE 70-200 F4. Both RAW and JPEGs are very good and have improved greatly since the days of the NEX lineup in color rendering especially. Though i do prefer other Brands JPEGs such as Nikon and Fuji, I mostly shoot RAW, and the JPEGs it does produce are good. I should also mention that Video quality is excellent.

Score 22/25


While its autofocus is class leading in the mirrorless world. Its not to the level of the best apsc DSLRs such as the Nikon D7200 or Canon 7D mk2, especially in the area of continuous tracking, but given its insane burst rate of 11 frames per second, its fast enough to make up for some frames being out of focus.

Score – 16/20

Build Quality

Build Quality is good but not perfect as it lacks weather resistance and feels very light.

Score 7/10



This part is a bit subjective. I really enjoy the handling of the a6000. The menus have come a LONG way from the NEX days and are more in line with the pro A7 series. Some people might say the buttons are small and cramped. Its a small camera… they have to be. For its size you have excellent control over everything through custom buttons and its immense customization. Are there better handling cameras? Of course… but for its size, its one of the best out there.

Score 15/15


There are more features packing into this small thing then most high end dslrs. From the autofocus to the wifi and app store. 11 frames per second. And a full sized modern APSC sensor crammed into such a small body. The only thing i would like to see in future models would be a touch screen.

Score 10/10

Shooting experience

Shooting experience is a purely subjective score. Everyone is different and have different applications and tastes. Its all about the “joy” of using this camera. For me, It is a highly enjoyable experience. It’s size and weight make it easy to take it everywhere with me. You are packing so much power in such a small package. The only reason i don’t give it a perfect score, is because I’ve had better shooting experiences from more expensive cameras such as the Fuji XT1 and Sony A7 mk II.

Score 8/10


The value of this Camera is truly unbeatable. There is NOTHING in this price range that even comes close in image quality, features and innovation. at 700$ with kit lens and about 500-550$ used with lens.

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Score 10/10



The Sony a6000 is a revolutionary product. Sony finally got it right in so many ways. Its price point places it in the perfect range for people looking to get their first real camera. I only wish more people would drop the notion that a “real” camera = a DSLR form factor. There are far to many people that have this notion still (especially newcomers to photography) and go and buy a Canon Rebel or  Nikon D5100 thinking they are superior products when in fact they are far inferior. I used to be one of those people before I started reviewing cameras. Mirrorless is the future and the future is here.

Final Score 88 / 100

B+ Highly Recommended.


Please use the Amazon link below to buy your gear (or anything), You’ll be supporting the site as we get a small cut at no expense to you. Thanks for the support ! <3

Sony Alpha a6000 - Body only
Sony Alpha a6000 with 16-50mm Kit

More Samples

17060667512_05bb326cb2_o 17061335941_faae6d572a_o 16874572200_c62890ee62_o

17385042831_f1420bed52_o 17355907015_347b1812a8_o 17139998868_4c3d785f8a_o 16874278698_86f97b5217_o 16874289208_b8a3ced798_o

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6 Responses

  1. Art M

    Nice, concise, useful review. What lenses did you use? I’m always looking to improve the IQ of my a6000.


      I’ve mostly used the 24mm 1.8 zeiss, FE 70-200 F4 and FE 55 1.8 Zeiss. And thank you !

  2. Pif

    In the first sample (the transitions from black to the sky) you can see the damage caused by the Sony raw compression…
    And it isn’t the jpg compression, because judging from the exif and the file size you saved the jpg in Lightroom with the maximum quality.
    I really don’t understand why Sony ruins these excellent cameras in this way…

  3. Franck

    hello !

    Completely agree with your review. For my personal use, I hope the next Sony A6..1/7000 will be weather sealed, a screen touch, and a level gauge.
    I use the 24 mm f1.8 Zeiss too which is really GREAT ! and the 18-70 Zeiss which is not bad but not as good as the 24 mm.

    Thank you


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