Camera Rumors Roundup – End of May



According to Sonyalpharumors :

“After one of my trusted sources told me that Sony was already producing the A7rII things got a bit silent here. I believe Sony will make a “silent” announcement of the camera just like it happened with the A7II. This means no bloggers and almost no photographers will be able to get their hands on the camera in advance. And if you remember the A7II got announced in Japan only at first.

According to a person who was able to get in contact with a person from Sony Japan this is what to expect with the A7rII:

 It has same 36Mp sensor and from what I’ve been told it will have EFCS and IBIS and faster AF.

The A7000 (or whatever the final name will be) is coming in mid-June. So let’s hope the A7rII is coming too and will not get any delay like it happened with the A7000. Remember while the A7000 release info should finally be the right one I am yet not(!) sure when the A7rII is coming.”

I really hope they release these cameras soon. I was hoping to take them on my trip to Colorado this July, and write a few reviews on their real world use and examples.

Remember, the A7 and A7r are both on sale on Amazon.
Sony a7 body 999$ (save $700) Sony a7 – Body Only
Sony a7R – $1898 (save $400) Sony a7R – Body Only





Fuji will be releasing a Major firmware update for the X-T1 that will greatly improve autofocus in continuous mode. That’s well known by now. However, according to Fuji France Facebook page, they will also be releasing a update for the X-E2, bringing it in line with the X-t10 and X-t1. That’s great news for the owners of the x-e2 and it seems Fuji’s “KAIZEN” phylosophy is alive and well. Fuji is one of the best companies that supports their old products that I’ve ever seen.

Source: Fuji Rumors

The X-T1 firmware 4.0 is expected to be released June 18th.

Amazon is having an amazing deal on the X-T1 with 18-135 for 1499$, that’s a savings of 400$.

Fujifilm X-T1 and XF 18-135mm Lens WR Kit


Here is the Fuji Lens Roadmap:

fuji roadmap_02


  • The 35mm f2 should be out in November
  • The 90mm just got released
  • The x1.4 teleconverter will also be around November
  • the  100-400 March of 2016
  • The 120mm around July of next year.

The XPRO2 is expected to be released at the end of this year.



Panasonic is expected to release its GX8 this year (September). Great news because the GX7 was an excellent camera.

Source 43rumors

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