Houston Texas is a vibrant city. It’s the nations 4th largest city after New York, LA and Chicago. It’s also one of the most diverse cities in the world with a huge Latino, Black and Asian populations. It’s a melting pot of different races and cultures. That is truly what makes this city great. It’s people. The southern hospitality is certainly ever present but without the southern accents unfortunately. You’d be hard pressed to tell someone from Houston apart from someone from LA until… they start saying “Yall”. It’s just easier and faster to say than “you all”. It’s a city where all the top Oil and Gas companies have a strong presence. The energy capital of the world.


It’s a massive monster of a city with the Metro area is 10,062 sq miles… Just ponder on that for a second. That’s the largest metro area in the country and bigger than many countries. The end result is however, that everyone drives here. There are very few people that actually use public transpiration.

Only New York City is home to more Fortune 500 headquarters. The Port of Houston ranks first in the United States in international waterborne tonnage handled and second in total cargo tonnage handled.

Yet even with all that.. I still feel Houston doesn’t get its due credit. It seems it’s often overlooked in the media. I hope you guys come visit one day. We’ll welcome yall with open arms and some Texas BBQ.





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  1. Anil

    Hey Vlad, got to ur blog through a post on FM. Nice pictures..I picked up a a7r recently, plan to use it with my Canon lenses..
    I moved to Houston 2 years ago, live in Conroe near the Woodlands. I have not explored Houston much, mostly because of the distances..any good places to try some street photography?

    • Vlad

      Hi Anil, The best place by far for street photography is in downtown houston. I often go between 10am and 2pm on any days. This is to avoid traffic. I just drive around Main street and sometimes park at a meter and walk around and explore. I hope that helps. 🙂 Austin texas is nice as well.


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