Panasonic G7 – Affordable 4k?


Panasonic G7

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Panasonic just announced their new mid tier Mirrorless camera, the Panasonic G7. This is great news for all the people out there looking to start filming high quality 4k content, without breaking the bank.

I’m really excited about this feature and could see many creative applications:

“G7 offers Panasonic’s exclusive 4K PHOTO feature that taps the high resolution of 4K Ultra HD video to improve the speed of photo capture. With the exclusive 4K PHOTO feature you are able to pause and extract high resolution pictures from 4K video so you will never again miss that one special moment.”

You can read the rest of the press release here: DPreview G7

The LUMIX G7 records stunningly smooth, high-resolution QFHD 4K video in 3840×2160 at 30p or 24p in MP4 in addition to the Full-HD 1,920 x 1,080 60p video in AVCHD Progressive or MP4 (MPEG-4 / H.264) format with practical full-time Auto Focus (AF).

Taking advantage of 4K video recording capability, users can lock in on a split-second photo using the exclusive “4K PHOTO” feature on the LUMIX G7. With 4K PHOTO, users can extract fleeting photo moments at 30 frames per second in printable 8-megapixel equivalent resolution, by playing back and extracting a precise photo frame of a special moment from the 4K file to save as a photo. Three new exclusive functions are offered to make 4K photography even easier; 4K Burst Shooting, 4K Burst S/S (Start/Stop) and 4K Pre-burst. The 4K Burst Shooting allows almost *unlimited shooting at 30 fps, which can be initiated by pressing the shutter button and releasing it once you are satisfied the image has been captured. The 4K Burst S/S (Start/Stop) mode starts consecutive shooting with a single press of a shutter button and stops it with the second press, which is more suitable for the shooting opportunities requiring longer waiting time. And the 4K Pre-burst automatically records a total of 60 images right before/after the shutter release. All of three 4K Photo modes allow you to save images in 8-megapixel equivalent high resolution; 3840×2160 (16:9), 3328×2496 (4:3), 3504×2336 (3:2), 2880×2880 (1:1) without missing that unique photo opportunity.”

It looks like the perfect camera for Youtubers or Content creators on a tight budget.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 will be available in June for $799.99 with a 14-42mm kit lens or $1099.99 with 14-140mm lens.

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While the G7 offers some impressive still photo options, personally, the video capabilities are more interesting to me, especially at this price point. It’s still early, but this might be the ultimate video / stills camera, in terms of features and quality, if you’re ready to go 4k and don’t want to spend more than 1000$.


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