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I’ve always admired fellow Texan Trey Ratcliff as a photographer, blogger and as a person. His no apologetic HDR style and post processing, free spirt and sense of adventure are all unique among his peers. His famous blog is one of the most visited photography blog on the internet with over 65 Billion views. Trey has been featured on BBC, ABC, FOX, CBS and NBC. He now lives in New Zealand and he’s been published all over the world. He’s recently hosted a TEDx talk that really inspired me so I wrote him to ask a few questions.



To my surprise, even with all success and fame, he was kind enough to take time and answer a few questions for a little blog like epicmirrorless:

When did you know you wanted to be a professional photographer and did you study photography in school?

“I’m 43 now and I didn’t get a pro camera till I turned 35. I’m all self-taught…  I started with DSLRs and only moved to Mirrorless about 3 years ago.  My major at university was actually Computer Science. “

How would you describe your style?

“Right on the veil between the real world and the fantasy world, where I believe the truth exists.”

 What cameras do you currently use?

“I’d say the A7r as my main camera, but all the A7 series also! “

What made you switch from DSLRs to the Sony alpha mirrorless system?

“People mostly think just because they are smaller, but that is a bonus. The real reason is I find the image quality to be better. I find them to be faster, smarter, and I love all the special features like the amazing EVF, focus-peaking, and more.  Combined with Leica lenses, there is no comparison in the world.”

Do you believe the Mirrorless format is mature enough for all applications professionally?

“Yes, I do! I used to think that DSLRs were better for Sports and Wildlife, but I’m not so sure anymore.  I got amazing wildlife photos after about a month in Africa.”

What needs to improve?

“I’d like to see more openness with the OS. I think if Sony would go the way of iOS/Android and open things up then we would see thousands of amazing apps to take things to the next level.  Oh, and the battery life sucks. “

What are your main goals moving forward in your career?

“Just keep experimenting, having fun, and using the light around me to try to create myself.”


Recently, Trey has experimented with a new type of landscape photography. I call it drone photography. Taking amazing landscape photographs from a bird’s eye view using drones.

I truly appreciate Trey’s modesty, creativity and free spirit. I can honestly say he’s been one of my biggest inspirations in photography and I look forward to seeing what he does next.


Here are some more examples of Trey’s Work.

They can be found at

Check out his famous blog. The #1 Travel Photography blog in the world:

Whether or not you like his HDR style of photography, I would highly recommend viewing his TEDx talk. It’s truly inspirational.


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  4. Adventure Travel

    Trey has popped up in a few places recently. He’s doing the marketing right that’s for sure and is good advocate for the Sony A7 system. I’d be surprised if Sony aren’t sponsoring him at this point.


      Not sure to be honest. I think they are now, but he’s been recommending Sony mirrorless for years before they did. Trey is great at marketing, and should be used as an example to all photographers of how to get your name out there.

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